Salvus 360

Survival Shorts

Equipped with:

  1. An inflation bladder w/ oral inflator
  2. A water-resistant pocket to protect your cell or satellite phone or PLB
  3. A SOLAS whistle to grab the attention of anyone nearby
  4. Reflective tape for night time rescue
  5. A Polypropylene belt that doubles as a strap
  6. Male and female inner and outer buckles to secure you to the inflated shorts
  7. Snap-button belt loops to facilitate the removal of the belt

How It Works

Remove the shorts.

Pull back the front left cover and blow into the oral inflation tube until fully inflated.

Strap the small inner buckles. Remove the belt and strap to corresponding large outer buckles. Pull on belt to tighten.

Call for help using your cellular/satellite phone or PLB (Personal Locator Beacon).  PLB not included.

Donning Instructions

Survival Shorts Demo

Underwater Demo

Water-resistant Pocket Demo

"See Life": A boater's tale of survival.

This short video shows you how Survival Shorts can save your life. It depicts how a simple mistake can be deadly if you're not wearing life saving gear on you at all times.

For the last 20+ years, the US Coast Guard has reported that 84% of drowning victims were not wearing their life jackets.