Salvus 360

About Us

Our Mission

 To provide innovative products to saves lives.


The reason for our mission

Drownings at sea occur because people are not wearing their life jackets.

For the last twenty years, the US Coast Guard has reported that 84% of drowning victims were not wearing their life jackets.  

USCG Drowning Statistics

Source:  2020 Recreational Boating Statistics COMDTPUB P16754.34 U.S Department of Homeland Security U.S. Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety 


According to several case studies, the main reasons for not wearing a life jacket are:

Survival Shorts solves these issues. These patented shorts were designed specifically for comfort and style with the added benefit of peace of mind. The peace of mind knowing that if you fall into the water, you’re wearing life-saving gear on you at all times. 


The meaning behind the name

Our name is the embodiment of our mission.  Salvus is the Latin word for “Saved”.  The number 360, as in 360 degrees, equates to a full circle which represents the circle of “Life”.  Salvus 360 = Saved Life.


Final thought... 

First and foremost, we strongly believe that you should always wear your life jacket when going out on the water but, also have a backup plan.  Survival Shorts is your backup plan.  So please, don't risk it.  Wear it!